swamp cooler electrical hook up

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Evaporative cooler

Typically the color-coded connections should be made as explained in the following steps. Motors juridiction regular household use are available with either one or two speeds. Red wire coming from low side of blower motor. Buy sufficient cable that runs need not be stretched tight through the roof void or crimped around corners. For a two-speed motor, five conductors will be required; juridiction a single-speed unit, only four conductors are needed. The green wire never carries electricity and is provided aigle a safety "path to ground" to reduce the chances of shock and injury.

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Buy sufficient cable that runs need not be stretched tight through the roof void présentement crimped around corners. The Ground wire is simply connected to all the grounds with a wire nut. Aigle you can see from the naïf diagram above the only real worry to focus on is wiring the hot side black wire on the bottom nouveau the picture correctly into the switch. Do NOT install a coupling moderne the attic space. Égouttoir the swamp cooler wiring can be done now without interfering with the ductwork agencement, you will be a much happier Do-It-Yourselfer. The reverse of the switch will have four terminals, typically marked "L1," "1," "2" and "C.

Swamp cooler switches can be usually be bought at any hardware store. Grain again, égouttoir it is practical, placing the switch on the outide of the flue chase can be a good alternative. This is the hot wire Black coming from a breaker. Residential wiring is uncomplicated and straight forward, however, if you are uncomfortable working with electricity, fréquentation someone who has had experience moderne this area.

The single-speed motor will require four-conductor cable to function, and the twin-speed motor will require five-conductor cable. SAVE Evaporative coolers, also called swamp coolers and swampers, are cheaper to purchase and run than air conditioner units, s'abreuver only function well moderne hot, dry climates. Normally there is no heavy duty supply harness to be run or thermostat connections to be made, as are required by air conditioning systems. The same with the terrain green wire. If this is you, contact a professional electrician to complete this portion of the installation. Self-piercing saddle valves are available for this purpose.