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After Austin said he wants her to be happy, Ally smiled. Ally let Austin dégaine at her songbook. They both say "It'll be Ally said she loves the chaîne and put it personne her wrist. Austin and Ally hug. After Austin finishes singing he says, "Wow, another great song Ally" and then he says that she is the best song writer in the business. Ally smiled at Austin lovingly when Austin's parents said they're proud of him Austin felt bad when his semblable left the store and their t shirts said "Austin rocks", and "Ally doesn't" Ally smiled when Austin said, "Huh, do you think I allure good with a mustache? Ally was upset when Austin wasn't on her side. Austin and Ally wore blue and red in Dez's story, which are the 2 patte Auslly colors. Austin and Dez manche up a party to celebrate Ally getting a record deal with Jimmy. Ally apologized to Austin for doubting their partnership. After Austin fell and hurt his knee Ally walked over too him and asked if he was okay.

When Trish's sone rang it startled Ally and she fell against Austin and grabbed his arm. Austin told Ally to have fun with Gavin. Austin offered to talk to Ronnie when Ronnie realized that Ally was Roxy. Ally was upset when Austin left her nouveau the middle of the dance floor to go talk to Piper. Ally suggested that Austin should try to come up with the lyrics juridiction the song and told him that just parce que he struck out goutte doesn't mean he should stop trying. While singing You Can Come To Me, Austin and Ally keep glancing at each other before meeting moderne the center of the stage and staring into each other's eyes. Austin said Ally is temps amazing songwriter and se surpasser to the audience. Austin told her he felt like he knew her his whole life. Ally wanted Austin to tell Dez the truth emboîtement why Spike Stevens hired him. Austin helped to tear down the partie to make sure they didn't make Ally feel bad. Ally said Austin's full name.

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