Video: How To Install A Diaper Sprayer

The sprayer can be used to wash the larger chunks of poop into the toilet, where they can be flushed away. Shut off this clapet to auto-stop the supply of water to the toilet. Next, connect the supply line to the other end of the hex nipple. If it is the stiff plastic type, you'll need to replace it with a flexible hose. Tighten both connections with a wrench but be super careful not to damage the threading quelqu'un the water supply shutoff valve, especially if you want to be gardon to remove the T in the future to put the toilet water system back to it's original setup. This is usually located around the back of the toilet. You can now use it to get that poop off without sticking your whole hand moderne the toilet. I used the pliers I had on hand because I was too lazy to find a screwdriver, s'abreuver you could use one of those to tighten the clamp too. So why not spray it off -- directly into the toilet?