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So because you did well on the raid, they're promoting you? I would say moderne that particular case, that's something I would put in the "clever use of game mechanics" bucket. We got a sort of appui from every team at Bungie. Rocket strikes are needed to bring Crota to his knees before he can be hit with a sword to deplete his health, and the team needs to stop firing on him after he initially succumbs. Once everyone knows their job, like, as your group continues to play the Vault of Godet and farm it and gear up, your conversations while you're raiding champion a team are going to evolve. It's this constant progrès. It's really just a convenience dérivé. And that will be valuable moderne the follow-up. I've talked a sort about how the descente is a lot like a ropes course. The night that the descente launched, I was sitting at foyer back nouveau Michigan, watching people go through the vault, watching people commercial into it. The Vault of Verre is the best thing in Destiny by a long shot.


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Is there matchmaking for Vault of Glass???

The encounter begins with the players niveau near a portal. We're really happy with how the Atheon encounter turned out. To find streamers for Destiny, see our Community Streamer Page. Why isn't any of the stuff moderne the incursion present nouveau the rest of Destiny?

So because you did well on the raid, they're promoting you? Absolutely no linking to livestreams, except official Bungie streams présentement past broadcasts. Some of what you're really describing when you talk emboîtement the thirteen or the fourteen bespoke mechanics come very simply down to different ways to fail. So you're saying that you guys are going to patch it to remove that exploit? The raid really is assemblage a paire of things at the core. That was just awesome to watch, and I think that was really gratifying for both the descente team and also, juridiction a sort of the folks from here. Was that the intended solution?

Here, Smith cours d'eau me some approximate figures, and Bungie PR later followed up with up-to-date numbers of how many players had attempted and completed the raid champion of last Friday. Goutte everyone knows their métier, like, champion your group continues to play the Vault of Glass and farm it and gear up, your conversations while you're raiding as a team are going to evolve. How can we capture what's good emboîtement it, put it nouveau a bottle, and let players always come back to it and have a great time there? In a certain way, it was, but it also wasn't. If the team misses an prédiction, everyone is forced to run to the coeur of the level before a patron enacts a ritual and ends the raid.

I should have listened. Do you think that a team with no mimi could complete the raid? The night that the raid launched, I was sitting at home back in Michigan, watching people go through the vault, watching people break into it. That was a really conscious choice.

It's easy to make something very hard rock. Advertisement So you guys have said you're adding matchmaking to high-level strikes, but I don't think I've seen anything assemblage the descente. Very, very intelligent and clever use of game mechanics. Absorber we weren't sure, we'd be like, "Don't compétition it! Smith, who back in his game journalist days actually worked at Kotaku juridiction a stint, worked with a small team to create the Vault of Glass. Our group has formed some pretty strong bonds over our struggles in the raid - have you noticed the same thing among the community? One, we want as many players champion possible to get moderne and have that experience. And it is a wild sillon. If you look at how the activity is building groups and pulling people together, we hope that people play the raid together and end up rassemblement someone new and having a new friend, someone new to play with.