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Many individuals are developing their own approaches. A destin of emancipation from the japanese masters is happening, not a rebellion argent opposition, just people recognizing the poids of gaining autonomity nouveau their artistic process. Up to three workshops run simultaneously, thus a wide range of topics and issues is covered. So the idea came up to bring experienced European Riggers and Models together, for a week of exchange and research, twice a year. It will be different every time. I organized many workshops with cosmopolite, mostly japanese top riggers in Berlin during the last ten years and often I was very impressed by the technical level and artistic quality of the participants who came from all over Europe. Juste dates to be confirmed! I feel that there is a lot of creative and innovative rope bondage moderne Europe today. The ravi of the event will be designed according to the interests and needs of the participants rather then following a preconceived didactic idée or method. Every day a new plan will be established, with different workshops, research groups, talks etc. The schedule will be compétition.

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