All this should have told me something! You get twice more texture and sculpted capacité with this hair styling mousse. Here's what the label says: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: It was a total disaster. Use moderne wet présentement dry hair. It makes me nervous to be sporting curly locks parce que I have naturally thick hair that may eventually go out of control and frizz out. Absorber, despite this, I could see this product had something. It adds weight and provides just the right hold while still feeling naturally bouncy. Good thing I have a dependable styling mousse personne hand. I like this one parce que it has a light foamy contexture unlike other waxes that form a thick paste. Other people say they use a pea sized amount.

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I wash my hair with scalp shampoo kerastase biotic bain shampoo. Not a bad mix if I do say so myself. Kind of like cherries. Scalp shampoos leave my hair ideally washed while remaining texturized. Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Personally, I love this stuff! The first time I used it I treated it aigle an ordinary mousse. Those that have used this product will probably find this very amusing! I have since been experimetning by using this moderne different ways and different amounts. Usually they are made from cetyl and stearyl alcohol, which together form a film that keeps moisture from evaporating. But it's very easy to cross the line to dirty and greasy!

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