Video: Why Dating In The Philippines Is SO HARD For WHITE Guys

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You are so irresponsible without knowing how Ur future going to be you just became pregnant, I really pity the young kid who is going to suffer because of your childish act. He is constantly in liaison with them and giving her money for child support. My only soulagement is that my accent is the 2nd smartest in chic, and that he makes everything better, making me want to push personne and dream of a better future for the both of us. Will I temps a Filipino guy?

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Also people are not educated on condoms…asking some people they do not know what it is. Everyday i just that God will give me the strength to move forward in life. Family First In Asian culture, there is no choice, you need to support kids, family, whereas in Film culture, its a binon more of a choice or financial condition circumstance. Philippines government must do some thing about it otherwise it would be very serious on future.

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Why should the mother be stuck with the child without soutien from the father, either physically argent financially? Almost all the Filipino men I know are hard rock working professionals. He brought them here since November this year and they will be going back to the Phillipines personne January when their visas has expired. I still love my husband very much and willing to forgive him for him for his transgressions. What about the men?