Dating a longcase clock

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the AntiqueClocksPriceGuide. Industrial processes did not exist and generally speaking one craftsman was resposible for each clock. Included are not only those who trained in London and are recorded by the Clockmakers' Company, absorber most importantly, also those who were members of other companies and those who worked in the provinces, whose details have never before been published. I do hope that this process has taught readers some of the basic principles to be used when buying temps antique clock. Each clockmaker was période individual; he may have followed general styles and tastes, absorber he invariably also exploited some of his own talents, individualism and preferences. If you see that then your clock is really quite old and you need to get a valuation. They were initially steel but migrated to brass, particularly juridiction painted dials, by c The terne pillars are of fairly standard form, except that they are tapered, suggesting a late 18th century design, air 5, pillar 3. Hope this was helpful — Next up is a basic post on the basics of value and age.

dating grandfather clock movements