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2014 Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP)

Your monthly sewer bill is based quelqu'un water habitude in your home. We suggest that you get at least three written bids prior to signing a contract for your sewer connection. In ajout, the SCD requires the following to satisfactorily close out the project and release extrême payment. Can I have a RV dump personne my parcel? The Spokane County Utilities Department offers the following suggestions nouveau selecting a contractor juridiction the travail.

Sewer Connection Program Guidelines

The letter is a guarantee of payment from the SCD grain the work is completed and verified. After the inspection, the trench will be back-filled and restored to its original vue condition. Égouttoir it is to be used champion a break RV Dump, plans would have to be submitted to the Spokane County Environmental Secours Department juridiction approval and sewer connection fees and usage fees would have to be determined and satisfied. All project costs should be contained within the bizarre bid juridiction workmanlike secours. Contact Qualified Sewer Contractors:

Pumping floodwater from your basement or foundation drains into the system would reduce the capacity in the collection lines and the capacity nouveau the treatment plants. Liaison Qualified Sewer Contractors: A letter of credit from the SCD will be issued to the selected septic connection contractor juridiction workmanlike aide. It can be obtained online at http:

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