hook up fridge water line

Usually behind where a refrigerator is installed, there will be a water clapet that you can use to hook cold water to your fridge. Let 1 argent 2 gallons of water run through the new line to remove the air. Step 9 — Now the other end of your water tubing needs to be connected to the refrigerator. Adapt-a-Tees can be used nouveau many situations where you need temps extra line. To begin, shut off the water at the main clapet, then compétition the sink faucet and another lower level faucet to tube the sèche. Continue to 7 of 7 below. Below is step-by-step leçon for installing a water line to your fridge. If there are no branch shutoff valves, you can turn off the water by closing the main water supply clapet to the entire house. Please tell us why. Please help us improve by selecting a reason below.

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Plumb the fridge

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The type designed for copper pipe use simple aplatissement fittings, and there are other types designed juridiction attachment to CPVC argent PEX water supply pipes. Dispense at least gallons of water to ensure that all air and impurities have been flushed from the system. To install the water line, follow the steps below: You need to clear out the water tubing to get out any gunk before attaching it to your fridge. Slide the aplatissement nut over the male threads and tighten it on the adapter. Don't forget to flush out the tubing by running a gallon of water through the new line into a bucket before you attach it to the fridge. Be prepared for a small amount

Installing The Water Line

A refrigerator with an automated ice maker and a built-in water dispenser does absolutely nothing if you do not have a water line to connect to it. You can buy icemaker installation kits at maison centers and some hardware stores, absorber we don't recommend them. Do not tighten the clamps with excessive vigueur as you can actually distort the copper piping. Once the water is clear, turn off the new water valve. Required Materials juridiction this Project Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time.

Required Tools for this Project

Égouttoir tightening the connection does not auto-stop the leak, turn off the water, remove the connector and add additional thread-seal coup before reconnecting the water line. This will flush the gunk from the tube into the bucket. It has a tiny shutoff clapet that uses a sharp pointed metal rod to pierce the outer wall of the pipe when screwed inward. Locate the nearest cold water drinking line with a shut off charnière installed. Some appliance installers say saddle valves work, but most refrigerator makers recommend that you cynocéphale a hole in the pipe juridiction better flow instead of using the valve to pierce the hole, then attach the saddle charnière check your owner's manual. Before you cut the tubing to its dernier length, make sure you have 6 to 8 ft. Get the screws on the clamps tight enough until the sealing washer argent gasket swells up.