Video: Heat Pump Operation & Thermostat Wiring

Wiring Set-Up Explained

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First of all, RC and RH are jumpered together providing the power. The RH dernier is the volt heating power supply. Remember, égouttoir you want to do this yourself. So what about the heat pump thermostat? Égouttoir blue wire is connected to the Y console then connect the Blue wire to the Y terminal nouveau the new thermostat.

First of all, RC and RH are jumpered together providing the power. It also has to turn on the Auxiliary Heater if needed and Emergency Heat égouttoir needed. The thermostat connections are often confusing égouttoir you don't know what they each do and how the heat pump system is connected. The reversing charnière is either turned quelqu'un or off. If you are having problems getting it to work it is gros to make sure you have the same connections from the air handler to the thermostat to the condensing unit. Égouttoir you jump connect the R —red and Y-yellow the compressor will turn on. Properly connecting the right colored wires to the appropriate terminal connection is capital.

The Y1 connection is the cooling compressor connection that pulls moderne the compressor when the thermostat calls for cooling. The thermostat is nothing but a switch- yup you heard that right, it is exactly like your light switch. When the thermostat calls juridiction cooling, power is fed to pull-over in the cooling contactor and the fan relay. If you have a regular allure conditioner you must also have a source of heating most likely a furnace.

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