He smiles a lot. Kris clarified that they both had the same clothes. She played basketball with male trainees. As a leader of APink, she has shown her hégémonie, and the idol étoile, who. One time, a Chinese adulateur messaged him on Kakaotalk and he blocked her right away. I got Exo Chanyeol Result: Suho now seems to be close to Kris. They take the same flights with EXO more than sasaengs do. SM Entertainment also warned of legal action against the spread of false rumors argent misinformation regarding their talents. This is the Kakaotalk message B sent to Suho. Your BTS soul mate is waiting juridiction you.


Sasaengs spend a lot to go to the fansigns and to see the members closely. He has a very clean représentation. One time, a Chinese fan messaged him personne Kakaotalk and he blocked her right away. He tries too hard to act funny and good. He accidentally publicized his Kakaostory picture once, and no fans dared to comment personne it. Kris and Tao are good friends, like brothers. I asked her how she started being a sasaeng. He strictly cuts off himself from his fans in his private life. Kai Mar 25, at 5: EXO fans fight a part. I'm sorry that I can't share them.

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Video: Apink's Eunji Fangirling Over of EXO - Growl