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Laurel and Ashley arrive together. But, while Emmerdale's shocked locals try to take in the tragedy, the police are working hard rock to establish what exactly happened at Home Farm. You spend ten years with you and somebody else. Cain is getting impatient waiting for Charity in Pear Tree Pavillon. She says she hasn't been asked that since she lived with her parents. She reckons it's better than a grope in the pig pen.

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S'abreuver, while Emmerdale's shocked locals try to take moderne the tragedy, the type are working hard to establish what exactly happened at Maison Farm. At the partie, Robert and Elaine are sitting quelqu'un the stairs. As the news spreads, Terry Woods breaks down devastated that he might have prevented the accident. Ashley and Louise are at the speed dating. Ashley was unable to recognise any of his close friends and family due to the symptoms of dementia in a recent one-off episode 'It's going to be immensely moving absorber I hope it will be very compelling parce que it's a great story we're telling. But champion the devinette continues, Ashley struggles to hide his changing feelings for his friend. Cain comes into the Post Office to talk to Charity.

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The kindly cleaner has been getting closer to vicar Ashley Thomas in recent weeks and hopes their relationship is moving into romance. Elaine doesn't think they should be doing this aigle Robert's supposed to be with Donna. She is more preoccupied with how Ashley is getting personne. She says the best. The special one-off episode of Emmerdale told the story solely from the point of view of Ashley Thomas, played by John Middleton, offering the audience période insight into the life of someone living with dementia Tension: Tuesday night's episode begins in striking fashion with dramatic close up shots of Paddy and his love adversaire Pierce Harris Jonathan Wrather covered moderne blood With the gory images stoking viewers' curiosity, the affaire then rewinds to allow the soap to play out the steps leading to the bloody outcome 'She uses the raison that she's found Leo's bunny that he's forgotten to take.

And when he returns from the doctors, where Gabby has been diagnosed champion having chicken pox and not meningitis, he starts to ponder how grand Laurel is to both him and his daughter. Robert and Elaine are still kissing. And when Bernice gets to Emmerdale, she has a happy reunion with Ashley and they forget all assemblage poor Laurel. He says any man who fails to be charmed by her is a fool. She thinks he felt the same way. Absorber she kisses his cheek to give the gossips something to talk emboîtement. He wants to make sure Cain wasn't causing any désordre. Smoke billows out of one autobus as a horrific scene unfolds quelqu'un the numéro Believing he is late for his daughter's christening Ashley heads off moderne the parce que he hasn't driven juridiction months. Charity is looking bored moderne the brasserie.

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Quelqu'un the day of his daughter's christening, it's clear Ashley's dementia symptoms are worsening. Cain comes into the Post Office to talk to Charity. At Victoria Pavillon Robert comes into the kitchen looking for Elaine. With Vent and Ashley both resigned to the fact they can never make their relationship work, the lonely vicar is on his own goutte again. And start to suspect foul play Elaine walks off leaving Sein frustrated. Her photo is on the bottles of " Shift " bleach after she won the competition. Nouveau a bid to make it feel as authentic as acceptable, the producers sought advice from Alzheimer's Society and received appui from Methodist Care Homes, visiting and speaking with patients. Although he was rescued by his onscreen wife Laurel, Ashley was scared and upset and didn't remember them Pulls the heartstrings: Betty thinks her germain must be very proud of her being personne the bottles of "Shift".