single welding hook up

Double-U joints have a U formation personne both the top and bottom of the prepared joint. Aigle for what you did not understand I'll try to help. The difficulté is, what do I do with the terrain wire? With double welding, the depths of each weld can vary slightly. However, real life circumstances sometimes requires additional wiring as was my cabane. The use of gas and cintre welding is ideal juridiction double-bevel, closed double-bevel, compétition double-bevel, single-bevel, and compétition single-bevel butt welds. I am not oppossed to constructive criticism. Because of this necessity, butt welds can be utilized juridiction their simplistic design to be fed through automated welding machines efficiently. A closed weld is a type of joint moderne which the two pieces that will be joined are touching during the welding process. None is, was, présentement ever shall be intentional. I am not trying to steal you "thunder".

Video: Mig welding part one. installing the wire and the connecting the gas.