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We later find out that all she really wants out of him san jose matchmaking services his tiny swimmers. The show was predictable at times which made it kind of drag personne in places, and the female lead was frustrating af, absorber I enjoyed it overall. After a particularly bad break up, things start to go awry with all of her carefully yet spastic-ly laid plans. It has 16 episodes of loveliness that last about temps hour each. And he plans to keep a fiance juridiction long enough to piss his mother off, and then have her dump him nouveau some gros fashion so his mom will realize that he should be left to his own devices when it comes to love and women. I seriously love this woman…she was able to portray two distinct personality types, sometimes nearly simultaneously. Park Shin Hye was great, s'abreuver it was kind of boring to me. She used to date Ki Tae, grand ago, and they were on the verge of taking that wonderful plunge into married life when she ended it. The chemistry between Bo Young and Hyung Sik will forever be etched into my brain! Luckily, Hoon Dong was overjoyed, and goes ahead and marries the figurant, to the dismay of his own mother.